Wow, I didn’t realize just how long it has been since I last posted. A TON has happened since then, but there is no way I can give a brief summary of what all has happened. Hopefully, time will allow me to get back to posting. Have you ever thought about what home is? Is […]



“When you’re doing what you were designed to do, the Master can guide you with a whisper.” – Jeff Myers, President of Summit Ministries   Do you remember the passage in I Kings 19 when the Lord appears to Elijah? It is one of my favorite passages. The part that speaks to me the most […]



I found this post that apparently I never published. So here it is at last. I was reading in Mark the other day and read about the woman who touched Jesus’ clothes. I want to have faith like that! She believed that if she just touched his clothes, she’d be healed. If I were her […]