For Your Little Bunnies and Chicks

Here we are at almost the end of another week! I totally thought I had another week before Easter…oh well. Anyway, I was thinking about how it’s my nephew’s first Easter where he would actually get what is in his basket. I mean he’s one so ya know, he won’t really get it but he’d probably have fun pulling stuff out. So even though you won’t have time to get these special goodies tucked into your little bunny’s or chick’s basket, I want to introduce you to my friend’s adorable hand-crafted products!

I met my friend Sarah almost ten years ago and we’ve kept in touch over the years which has been so fun since we’ve kind of gotten to watch the changes happening in each other’s lives. Some of the most special changes was seeing her get married, welcome their first little one, and then last November, they welcomed their second! She just recently decided to start her own business called FullNestDesign and I am so excited to share with you a little glimpse at the sweet person Sarah is and the inspiration behind her products (plus pictures of some of my favorites!).


FND-SarahWhat inspired you to start a business?
I have fallen more and more in love with creating over the last few years and have particularly enjoyed making things for my son Hogan since he was born 2 1/2 years ago.  Starting the business was honestly just a spontaneous leap.  I had made things for my home and for friends before and back in January I thought–hey why not go for it? It felt like it would just be a really fun outlet for my creative side.  I get to create for others, and it is something I can do from home while still letting my job as Mommy be number one.

Cloud Wall Hanging, Cot/Crib Mobile

Why nursery decor?
 I make all sorts of things in my own home from reupholstering to curtains, pillows, furniture refinishing…I love giving most anything a try but nursery decor is near to my heart these days! I just finished decorating my son Hugh’s nursery before he was born back in November and so with a new baby in the home it just seemed like the perfect thing to  center my store around.  All the baby things I sell are items that I use every day for my own kids.  It feels right to sell products that I actually use myself and know hold up to the real wear and tear of kiddos.


What inspired the name?
The name is basically just the image of my home.  I have a very ‘full nest’ and heart these days with my hubby and two sweet boys!

Where do you get your ideas?
The first things that I created for the shop were garlands.  The cloud garland is something I have hanging in Hugh’s room.  I just loved how it turned out and hope that other mamas will love it too! I create things that I hope have a touch of whimsy and feel childish without sacrificing a mom’s sense of style. The bibs, teethers, and burp cloths were every day essentials that my kids needed, and so I created functional pieces with adorable patterns.  If you have to have a burp cloth over your shoulder why not have it be adorable?


How do you balance being a mom and running a business? 

Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 12.06.19 PM
I think this answer remains somewhat elusive for any mom!  I’m still working daily on the balance.  I try to reserve my shop work for nap times and the evenings so that when the boys are up I can focus on them!  My husband, Ben, is incredibly supportive about giving me time to work when he is home and Sundays always remain a family day.  I’ll take advice from anyone who has the answer to this question! 🙂



What is your favorite thing about being a mother?
I love that I get to watch these amazing little people develop their own personalities.  I see such trust, such love, such curiosity, such creativity and imagination.  I wish I could embrace the world daily in the way that children do!

What is something you discovered/received for your kids that has been great to have at home or in your bag?
For us the number one thing I can’t leave the house without is a burp cloth.  My children have both had terrible reflux so I have one within arms reach at all times.
Along with what you have to offer, what do you suggest expecting mothers should add to their registries or should have for their nurseries?
I have loved our sound machines for the boys! There is nothing worse than waking a sleeping baby! A diaper pail was another must have in our home!
What, if any, advice do you have for young mothers and/or those wanting to start a business?
Just go for it! There is no day like today!

One of the things that I like most about Sarah’s products (besides how incredibly cute they are!) is the thought that goes into the individual parts. For example, the teething rings are brushed with organic beeswax and olive oil while the bunny ears are backed with bamboo terry cloth which has “anti-microbial properties and it is one of the most sustainable textiles”. Sarah’s products are some of the best you can get and because Sarah and I are so excited about her business and showing it to you, she’s given you a special discount code! Check out her site at FullNestDesign and enter the code ‘HEFFALUMPS’ at checkout to receive 15% off orders $25+! (expires tomorrow, Friday, March 25 @ midnight!) Don’t be put off if you don’t see something that strikes your fancy now! Sarah also does custom orders, so let her know if you’d like something in a different color or if you have an idea in mind. And, she likes to change things up and is planning on adding some new products in the near future so be sure to check back often and/or follow her on Instagram @fullnestdesign where she keeps you up to date as well as let you in on some exclusive deals!

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