I found this post that apparently I never published. So here it is at last.

I was reading in Mark the other day and read about the woman who touched Jesus’ clothes. I want to have faith like that! She believed that if she just touched his clothes, she’d be healed. If I were her I wouldn’t think that! Jesus had been performing miracles and talking to people face-to-face…I’d think, “If I just talk to him. If I just explain my suffering, surely he’ll have mercy on me.” It makes me think, if Jesus were to pass me, do I really believe that a single touch is enough? Would I be satisfied with that? The woman just touched his clothes, thinking that was going to be it…Jesus was moving on, she wouldn’t talk to him. If I were close enough to touch his clothes it would be kind of like, “so close, yet so far.” Is my faith strong enough that a brush of fingertips on his clothes is all it would take to heal me?

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