“Say ‘Chee-‘ oh forget it…”

Obvious heffalump: I haven’t posted for like a month. 😛 ah, c’est la vie…

So, ’tis the season for all things Christmas! Including family pictures which in my case, well, we haven’t done one yet. BUT, try taking a picture of you and your hubs and your two puppies. Yeah, don’t judge my tardiness in getting my Christmas cards done and out. I had a hard enough time just getting these shots of the pups. IMG_0307IMG_0286

It is so much more fun (and easy!) to do other peoples’ pictures. I get to take pictures of cuties like this one…Maddie-11.24.15-20 there’s nothing better for a photographer than finding that one picture that makes you so happy because it’s so good! But, the other fun part is seeing the bloopers.


I think because it’s real. We just have to have these perfect pictures for the front of our Christmas cards to send out to practically everyone and anyone but honestly, I would love and appreciate a total flop.  We can all relate to how difficult it is to get everyone together, to get them smiling, and to get ALL of them to look at the camera at the same time. Let’s be real – Christmas pictures are stressful! And you definitely don’t always see the prettiest side of people in the process, am I right? 😉 Don’t get me wrong, I love the cards and the good photos but sometimes I wish people would do the mistakes, ya know? I am one of those people who needs to have the good picture on the front. Last year, we set up the camera, got all posed, and got the shot we wanted but then the camera just kept taking pictures (because I may have left the timer for the continuous shooting on a lot longer than was needed). Never ever would I have imagined that I would show ANYONE those pictures, but then I realized that those pictures reflected the true us. I mean I still put the good picture on the front and the goofy ones on the back. hehe!  But it was actually kind of nice including those bloopers because if anything, it let people see that we have fun together, that life is crazy, awkward, and silly sometimes, and that we definitely do not always have it together. So, who knows, this year’s Christmas card may not be the prettiest picture you’ve ever seen but know that what you’ll see will be the real deal. 😉

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